You have to engage in the relationship as you insist on keeping the job, but of course in the relationship you have other interests and it is always fun, especially in keeping the sexual flame alive, make your boy a slave in bed, does not require feats of gymnast , just a few details, some tricks that will make every man crazy, because yes, they know what they want and what makes them enjoy, and now you know, because we're going to tell you.

Above all, you have to be active in bed, not so much that you scare or pressure him, but not so passive that feels like he is playing alone, assumes that sex is a joy of two, and much that you enjoy it with him will keep your man interested in you, because neither in sex nor in anything of life, nobody wants to deprive itself of that which gives it total satisfaction.

What you need to go crazy in bed, just enthusiasm, and some tricks, in the end you will see that they will be well employed because their satisfaction is yours too ... so put to the subject, write down, read and learn, and of course put it into practice ... Make your boy your most devoted admirer.

  • Try new things always, without having to become an authority in the kamasutra think that, you can try some good postures that will make you enjoy and he will love it especially because he will think what you have prepared for next time?
  • Oral sex to pamper your boy, as much as you enjoy oral sex he enjoys it, and all the more because it has been a taboo for a long time, surprise your man in your life with a sex session that makes him see the stars.
  • Take the initiative sometimes, think about how boring you can always start, so sometimes, be the one to start that fiery session, to which you will be surprised how happy it will be.
  • Always play, you do not need to reach full sex to play, the flirting and playful moments of mischief love them, so do not deprive yourself of surprising him with a touch of surprise, he will love it.
  • Give your boy a sexual surprise, and make a reservation at a motel far from the city, increase your passion.
  • Lingerie and toys for your spoiled boy, do not deprive yourself of flirting with nice clothes that will always motivate him, we already know that boys work at what they see more than what they play, so choose sexy lingerie, often and surprise that man on a passionate night.
  • Sex toys for the enjoyment of both, every man likes a girl who sends messages like the one that sends a sex toy "I like making love to you"