Sometimes, when you have time with your partner, sex can become monotonous and a routine.

Put some of these techniques into practice and we assure you that they will go crazy:

    How many times have you taken off your clothes in front of him? A sensual dance will always put you on a mood. On this occasion, do not let it touch you immediately, make it difficult! That he sees your body without being able to do anything, will turn him on and sex will be much better. It will be a preliminary that the two will enjoy a lot.
    Drive him crazy with unexpected kisses and caresses. Take advantage of the fact that he cannot see you to caress him with different objects like feathers, the tips of your fingers or your lips. Pass them through their erogenous zones and tell them nice things that enchant them. We assure you that your partner will be completely aroused and you will have a night full of pleasure.
    Take advantage of your most daring side and leave your room, have sex in other places such as the kitchen or the living room, it will be a special moment full of adrenaline, and you will not get bored of doing it in the same place. Find the most erotic place in your house and make it your favorite to have sex.
    You know that you are sexy by nature and what better to try this plus that you have with him, surprise him with a massage (erotic), you more than anyone knows him and you know what he likes, caress the parts of his body that you want, and take the sex to another level, he will whatever you touch. Do not forget to ask him to also pamper you with a massage.
    Pamper him with effortless sex, he just has to take off his pants and you do all the work. Create a sexy atmosphere, this will make your partner concentrate and give you all the attention you need. Place candles in the place and remember that the lingerie you wear is very important, so get inspired and put on that set that you know will drive him crazy, he will not take his eyes off of you!